Why is Prostate Testing Important?

Prostate cancer is usually experienced by men. In fact it is the leading cause of death of male Americans. There is, more or less, 16% of men or 1 in every six men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Black men are more prone to getting the disease by 50%.

Needless to say, prostate cancer occurs on the prostate gland. It produces seminal fluid which transports sperm. The prostate has a walnut shape and is gland is found near the rectum, at the bottom part of the bladder and surrounds the upper area of the urethra.

Prostate cancer may be prevented, and as part of the prevention, one must undergo prostate test even at least once a year. Men who are in their early 50’s should consider this and include the test in their annual checkups. Since black men are at more risk, then it is best to undergo the test at their early 40’s.

Two types of tests are used to determine the condition of the prostate gland. These are the PSA test and the DRE or the digital rectal exam. PSA exam may not determine exactly whether prostate is infected with cancer or not, however, it provides accurate prostate results. Additionally, its results can be used in coordination with rectal exam to help predict cancer. Check the list below to determine whether you are or not at risk. Speak to your doctor or urologist if your PSA result is higher than the average limit for your age.

·         For men aged below 49 – less than 2.5 PSA result is not normal

·         50 to 59 years old – below 3.5 PSA result is not normal

·         60 and above – less than 4.0 is not normal

Remember that prevention is better than cure. If you have detected prostate cancer at its early stage, your survival is what will more likely to happen. Visit www.prostatetest.net for more details and for dependable PSA and DRE tests. 


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